Current Product Information

Ping the API and get back the latest information for every Snow Software product released since 2012.

API 2.0

> Output

        "Name": "Snow License Manager 9",
        "Version": "9.25.0",
        "Date": "2022-11-30"
        "Name": "Snow Inventory Server 6",
        "Version": "6.8.3",
        "Date": "2022-11-09"

> Documentation


The easiest way to get started is by using one of the example scripts. These are minimal at the moment, however I am accepting submissions for different languages.

You can get a full list of available examples here.

Available Pages

URL Description
/api/v2/version Return a list of applications and their latest version
/api/v2/vulnerability Return a list of vulnerabilities, their CVE and published dates

Required Headers

You'll need to send some headers when making API calls to identify your account and set the content format that you want to use.

Header Example
apikey 7b694774bafdd0de5942fa3aee67a7b1
apiformat application/xml

Example Output (XML)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <Name>Snow License Manager 9</Name>
        <Name>Snow Inventory Server 6</Name>

        <Application>Snow Inventory Java Scanner</Application>
        <Description>A vulnerability in Snow Inventory Java Scanner allows an attacker to run malicious code at a higher level of privileges.</Description>